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Real Estate Photography Preparation Guide

"How to get 100% ready for your next Denver real estate photography Shoot! "

Ultimate Guide: How to Prepare Your Home for Stunning Real Estate Photos

Getting professional real estate photos is a crucial step in selling your home quickly and for top dollar. With beautiful, high-quality images, you can make an amazing first impression with buyers and get them excited to schedule a showing. This in-depth guide provides expert tips and a comprehensive checklist to ensure your home looks spectacular for the photoshoot.

Why Professional Real Estate Photos Matter

Studies show listings with great photos sell faster and for more money than homes with poor quality images. Online listings are often a buyer's first impression - you want dazzling photos that make them want to see the home in person. Professional photographers use wide-angle lenses, lighting, and editing to showcase your home's best assets.

Before the Photoshoot: Decluttering & Depersonalizing

The key to incredible real estate photos is creating a "model home" look where buyers can envision themselves living in the space. This means decluttering, depersonalizing, and deep cleaning every room.

Decluttering Tips:

ᐧ Remove all knick-knacks, personal photos, refrigerator art, etc.

ᐧ Clear off all surfaces - kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, coffee tables, etc.

ᐧ Organize closets and storage areas - these may be photographed.

ᐧ Store away toys, pet items, exercise equipment, etc.


ᐧ Remove religious items, political items, or anything too personal.

ᐧ Store away family heirlooms, antiques, or valuable collections.

ᐧ Keep decorative pieces minimal and neutral.

Deep Cleaning Checklist:

ᐧ Vacuum all floors and carpets thoroughly

ᐧ Clean all windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces

ᐧ Scrub countertops, sinks, showers, and tubs

ᐧ Dust all surfaces, fans, ledges, etc.

ᐧ Consider professional carpet cleaning for tough stains

ᐧ Make beds with fresh, crisp linens

ᐧ Tidy up landscaping - mow lawn, rake leaves, trim bushes

Creating a Warm, Inviting Atmosphere

Once your home is decluttered and spotless, it's time to stage it for the camera using designer tricks to highlight your home's best features.


ᐧ Open all curtains, blinds, and shades to let in natural light

ᐧ Turn on every light in the home, including lamps

ᐧ Consider turning on fireplaces for a cozy feel

Furniture Arrangement:

ᐧ Arrange furniture to showcase the flow of rooms

ᐧ Pull furniture slightly away from walls

ᐧ Position pieces toward focal points like fireplaces or views

ᐧ Fluff and arrange all pillows and throws

Styling Vignettes:

ᐧ Add pops of color with books, flowers, candles

ᐧ Create inviting coffee table displays

ᐧ Use decorative bowls or trays on ottomans and side tables

Curb Appeal:

ᐧ Power wash siding, walkways, driveway

ᐧ Add potted plants or flowers to the entryway

ᐧ Make sure the front door area is clean and welcoming

Don't Forget the Outdoor Spaces!
Patios, decks, pools, and landscaping are huge selling points. Be sure to:

ᐧ Set up outdoor furniture in an appealing way

ᐧ Open any awnings or umbrellas

ᐧ Clear away all toys, tools, hoses, etc.

ᐧ Skim and clean pools/hot tubs

The Day of the Photoshoot

On photo day, do a final walkthrough using this checklist:

ᐧ Open all window coverings

ᐧ Turn on all lights

ᐧ Light any candles or fireplaces

ᐧ Clear bathroom counters except for a few decorative items

ᐧ Hide garbage cans

ᐧ Store away pet beds, food bowls, litter boxes

ᐧ Remove cars from driveway/front of home

ᐧ Turn off all ceiling fans to avoid blades in pictures

ᐧ Pick up any remaining clutter like shoes, coats, etc.

Bonus Tips:

ᐧ Unless your garage is beautifully finished, don't have it photographed. Use it to temporarily store personal items during the sale process.

ᐧ Consult with your real estate photographer! They are experts and can provide specific advice to showcase your home's unique features.

Following these extensive tips and checklists will ensure you get amazing photos that stop buyers in their tracks. You've put in the hard work - now let the stunning images speak for themselves and welcome offers! The path to a fast, profitable sale starts with incredible listing photos.

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