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In the fast-paced world of Denver real estate, stunning visual content is the key to capturing buyers' attention and selling properties quickly. As a real estate professional, you know that high-quality photographs are essential for showcasing your listings in the best possible light and attracting serious buyers. That's where Sotanda comes in. Our professional real estate photography services are designed to help you create captivating, engaging visuals that set your listings apart and drive real results.

Our Services

Lumiflash® Photography

Twilight Photography

Our experienced photographers use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture stunning, high-resolution images of your listings' interiors and exteriors. From sweeping wide-angle shots to detailed close-ups, we showcase every property's unique features and selling points in the best possible light.

Aerial / Drone Photography

Aerial / Drone Twilight

For properties with stunning views, expansive grounds, or unique architectural features, aerial photography is a must. Our FAA-certified drone pilots capture breathtaking bird's-eye views that provide a fresh perspective and help your listings stand out from the competition.

Horizontal Video

Cinematic Property Tours

Engage potential buyers with immersive, high-quality video walkthroughs of your listings. Our skilled videographers use the latest camera technology and stabilization equipment to create smooth, seamless videos that showcase your properties' flow, layout, and key features. These videos are perfect for embedding on your website, sharing on social media, or sending directly to interested buyers.

Property Reels

Cinematic Reels

Agent Scenes

With the growing popularity of mobile devices and social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, vertical video has become a must-have for modern real estate marketing. Our vertical video services are designed to capture your listings in a format that's optimized for mobile viewing and sharing. From short, attention-grabbing property teasers to full-length walkthrough videos, we'll help you create engaging vertical content that stands out on social media and attracts more buyers.

Zillow 3D Tour

Matterport 3D Tour

Immerse potential buyers in your listings with our cutting-edge 3D VR tour services. Using advanced 3D scanning technology, we create interactive, photorealistic virtual tours that allow buyers to explore your properties from any angle, at any time, from anywhere in the world. These tours are perfect for out-of-town buyers, busy professionals, or anyone who wants to experience your listings in a truly immersive way.

Floor Plan w/ Fixed Furniture

3D Floor Plans

graphic of a 3D floor plan used as reference.

Help buyers understand the layout and flow of your listings with our professional 2D schematic floor plan services. Our designers create accurate, to-scale floor plans that showcase each property's room dimensions, key features, and overall layout. These floor plans are perfect for including in your online listings, print marketing materials, or property brochures, and they can help buyers visualize themselves living in the space.

Why Professional Real Estate Photography Matters

In today's digital age, the vast majority of homebuyers begin their search for a new property online. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of buyers use the internet to search for homes, and 89% of buyers who searched online found photos to be the most useful feature of real estate websites. With so much competition in the Denver market, it's essential to make a strong first impression with eye-catching, professional photographs that showcase your listings in the best possible light.

But the benefits of professional real estate photography go far beyond just attracting more online views. Consider these compelling statistics:

ᐧ Homes with high-quality photography sell 32% faster than those without.

ᐧ Properties with professional photos sell for an average of $11,000 more than those with amateur photos (Redfin)

ᐧ Listings with professional photographs receive 118% more online views than those without (National Association of Realtors)

ᐧ Homes with more photos sell faster, with a 3.9% increase in sales price for each additional photo (Redfin)

These numbers make it clear: investing in professional real estate photography is essential for success in the competitive Denver market. By showcasing your listings with stunning, high-quality visuals, you can attract more buyers, generate more interest, and ultimately sell properties faster and at higher prices.

Real Estate Agent Testimonial

“Patrick is truly a professional! From start to finish he provided 5-star service. I will use him for all of my real estate photo shoots and videos as well as headshots!”

- Janie Halaba

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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You may be suffering from any of the following...

Does Your Real Estate Photography Struggle to Capture Attention ?

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  • You’re sick of Low-Quality Visuals.

  • You have Inconsistent Branding.

  • Your current Denver Real Estate photographer lacks professionalism and just doesn’t pay attention to detail.

  • Your photos don't differentiate you in a competitive market.

  • Your brand doesn’t seem to attract attention and it’s just not growing.

If you said yes or nodded to any of the above, then yes! Sotanda is 100% right for you!

Your First Lumiflash® Photo Shoot is on the house!

Trusting a new Denver real estate photographer with your listing can be scary the first time . We get it! We're so sure you'll come back that the first shoot is on us! Try us today and discover the Sotanda difference! Click below to claim your free photo promo code.

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Real Estate Agent Testimonial

“Patrick takes the most beautiful photos, hands down. He's also a wealth of information, from videography 101 to social media marketing. Look forward to working with him again!!”

-Catherine Wilson

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Partner with us to fulfill all of your Denver Real Estate Photography and content creation needs. Every media package includes a property website and a full marketing kit at no additional charge. We are committed to providing every piece of content you need to effectively build your brand and market your listings. We automatically deliver your package to a property website fully loaded with all the media you ordered. We’ll even customize it with your branding.

Marketing Kit Included with all packages!

Social Media Tiles

Real Estate Social Media Post Template

Property Website

Real Estate Property Websites

Customizable Flyers

Real state Marketing Flyers
Patrick J Bohn, Founder of Sotanda

At Sotanda, we know that In order to be successful in real estate, you need exceptional marketing. The problem is most marketing content just doesn’t produce the results you need, which leaves you disappointed. We Believe all Real Estate Agents should have the opportunity to have a successful career! We understand the struggle to acquire and maintain quality marketing. That is why we believe quality comes first and produce only premium Denver Real Estate Photography & marketing solutions. We’ve created a simple system that allows you to order & schedule online 24/7, we then deliver the highest quality media within 24 hours. So Relax, we've got your back and your listing covered!

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The Sotanda Difference

At Sotanda, we believe that professional real estate photography is about more than just taking pretty pictures. It's about telling a story, creating an emotional connection, and showcasing each property's unique value proposition. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that every image we create is not only technically perfect but also artistically compelling and strategically designed to drive results.

Our team takes the time to understand each property's unique features, target audience, and market positioning, and we use that knowledge to craft visuals that highlight the property's best assets and appeal to the right buyers. Whether you're selling a cozy starter home or a luxurious mountain estate, we have the skills and experience to create photographs that capture the essence of the property and inspire buyers to take action.

What Our Clients Say About Us

From Our Blog

Denver Real Estate Photography downtown

Revolutionizing Real Estate: Why Every Listing Deserves a Professional Photographer’s Touch

November 07, 20235 min read

Navigating the Denver real estate landscape can feel like trekking the Rocky Mountains. You're equipped, experienced, and know the terrain, but the challenge to stand out remains steep. Chris Thompson, a seasoned Denver real estate agent, knows this struggle all too well. The online marketplace is a battleground where only the visually extraordinary properties get a second glance.

Chris, like many in Colorado's real estate market, is well-versed in the emotional whirlwind that comes with the territory – the frustration of blending in, the anxiety of lost leads, and the fear of falling behind. He's heard the subtle jabs from close relationships, the "constructive" criticisms that sting because they hit a nerve. Chris has been there, tried the basic photography, the DIY videos, and even dabbled in social media ads. Yet, the return on investment (ROI) is as unpredictable as mountain weather.

So, what does Chris, and realtors like him, need? A reinvention of their marketing strategy, starting with top-tier Denver Real Estate Photography. Let’s dissect why professional photography is not just a service but a career revolution for agents battling the competitive tides of the real estate market.

Visual Storytelling That Captivates

The core problem for agents like Chris isn't just selling homes; it's making them shine in a saturated digital space. This is where the professional touch of a Denver Real Estate Photographer becomes invaluable. It's not about snapping pictures; it's about crafting a visual story that elicits a "wow" from the first click. When a property is showcased through the lens of a professional, it speaks volumes, saying, "This is the dream home you've been searching for."

An ROI That Reflects Success

Chris's skepticism about new marketing tactics is valid. Why invest more when the outcomes are nebulous? Here's the clincher: Professional real estate photography offers measurable results. Statistics underline that listings with high-quality photos sell quicker and at better prices. It's a tangible ROI that can be seen, tracked, and linked directly to sales success.

Embracing Change, Redefining Marketing

Resistance to digital innovation stems from a comfort with the 'known' ways of real estate marketing. But what if giving up this comfort could catapult Chris's listings to the top of buyer's must-see lists? The transition to professional photography represents more than a change in tools; it's a paradigm shift in market approach.

Overcoming Tech Anxieties with Expertise

"I'm not tech-savvy; I can't keep up with all these digital marketing tools," Chris might say. That's the beauty of partnering with a Denver Real Estate Photographer—no need to be tech-savvy. You provide the listings, they provide the tech expertise, delivering a suite of services from drone captures to 3D virtual tours that resonate with the tech-driven buyer's market.

Time Is Money, Spend Both Wisely

Chris's time is precious, especially when juggling work-life balance. By entrusting the visual marketing to experts, he can reclaim hours spent on DIY attempts, dedicating more time to clients and family. This is not just about freeing up the calendar; it's about optimizing time for the highest yield activities – closing sales and nurturing relationships.

Leveraging Videos for Competitive Advantage

Why stop at photos? Video property tours are a game-changer. They provide an on-demand virtual showing experience, offering convenience for buyers and efficiency for sellers. By including video tours, Chris can give prospects a comprehensive property preview, leading to more informed and interested buyers knocking on his digital door.

Enhancing Online Presence

A well-crafted video tour is an SEO boon. By optimizing video content with local real estate keywords, Chris can enhance his listings’ online presence, ensuring his properties climb the search engine rankings. This is where "Denver Real Estate Photography" becomes more than a search term; it becomes a beacon for potential buyers.

Attracting New Leads and Listings

A stunning portfolio of professionally photographed listings attracts not just buyers but future sellers. Homeowners seeking an agent are drawn to those with a proven track record of beautifully presented homes. This means more listings for Chris and a reputation as the agent who makes homes look their absolute best.

Restoring Work-Life Harmony

With professional photography and video tours attracting more leads, Chris's business grows, relieving financial stress and restoring harmony at home. Instead of being overwhelmed by marketing demands, he can enjoy dinner with his family, knowing his listings are working for him online.

Rekindling the Joy of Selling Homes

By outsourcing to a Denver Real Estate Photographer, Chris can rediscover what he loves most about his job—helping people find their perfect home. With the confidence that his listings are visually compelling, he can step out into the community with pride, not pressure, and foster those genuine connections that enrich his professional and personal life.

Conclusion: The Visual Revolution Awaits

For real estate agents like Chris Thompson, the decision to integrate professional real estate photography into their marketing is a defining career moment. It's an acknowledgment that the visual presentation of a property is paramount and that professional photographers can showcase a home in a way that no iPhone or amateur camera could ever capture.

As the Denver market grows more competitive, the agents who will thrive are the ones who recognize the power of professional imagery and make the investment. It's a strategic move that pays dividends across every aspect of their business and personal life.

The era of digital marketing in real estate is here to stay, and it's vibrant, dynamic, and visually driven. Don't let your listings fade into the background. Embrace the revolution, and let a Denver Real Estate Photographer help you make every listing a visual masterpiece.

Chris, and agents like him, have the opportunity to transform their business, one professional photo at a time. It's not just about keeping up—it's about leading the way. It's time to leave the frustration, the anxiety, and the fear behind and step into a future where every home sells its story as beautifully as it's told.

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Asked & Answered!

What types of properties do you photograph?

At Sotanda, we specialize in photographing residential properties, including luxury estates, single-family homes, condominiums, and townhouses in the Denver, CO area.

What services do you offer for real estate photography?

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including high-quality photography, videography, floor plans, 3D tours, and drone/aerial imagery to showcase your property in the best possible light.

How do I book your services?

Booking our services is easy and convenient. Simply visit our website at and use our online booking system, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How quickly can I expect to receive my photos and other deliverables?

At Sotanda, we pride ourselves on providing fast service. We offer delivery of your photos and other deliverables within 24 hours or less.

What sets your real estate photography services apart from competitors?

We are committed to providing the highest quality services at the best value price point in the Denver area. Our combination of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to client satisfaction is unmatched.

What is included in your photography packages?

Our photography package includes high-resolution, professionally edited images of both the interior and exterior of your property. The exact number of photos depends on the size of the property and your specific needs. Paired with our other services depending on the package.

Do you offer twilight or dusk photography?

Yes, we offer twilight or dusk photography to capture your property in the most flattering light and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

What is your service area?

We serve the entire Denver, CO metropolitan area, including surrounding cities and towns.

How much does your real estate photography service cost?

Our pricing is competitive and based on the size of the property and the specific services required. Please visit our pricing page at for detailed information.

Do you offer rush service?

Yes, we understand that sometimes you need your photos and deliverables as soon as possible. We offer rush and same-day service options for an additional fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Please refer to our website for full details on our cancellation policy.

Do you provide drone or aerial imagery?

Yes, we offer drone and aerial imagery services to showcase your property from a unique perspective and highlight its location and surroundings.

Are your photographers insured?

Yes, all of our photographers are insured and have undergone extensive training to ensure the highest quality results and professionalism. They are all thoroughly screened and background checked as well.

How do you ensure the privacy and security of my property during the photo shoot?

We take privacy and security very seriously. Our photographers will always respect your property and will never share or use images without your express permission.

Can I be present during the photo shoot? 

While you are welcome to be present during the photo shoot, it is not necessary. Our photographers are experienced professionals who can work efficiently and independently to capture the best images of your property.

Do you offer virtual staging services?

Yes, we offer virtual staging services to help potential buyers envision the possibilities of your property. This can be particularly helpful for vacant or sparsely furnished homes.

What is the best way to prepare my property for the photo shoot?

We recommend decluttering, cleaning, and making minor repairs to ensure your property looks its best. Our team can also guide staging and preparation during the booking process. For a full preparation guide visit .

Do you provide photography services for commercial properties?

While our primary focus is on residential properties, we do offer photography services for select commercial properties. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How long does a typical photo shoot take?

The duration of the photo shoot depends on the size of the property and the specific services requested. Most shoots take between 1-3 hours, but we always allocate sufficient time to ensure the best possible results.

What if I'm not satisfied with the photos or deliverables? 

We strive for complete client satisfaction and will work with you to address any concerns or issues. If you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us immediately so we can make it right with our 100% satisfaction guarentee.

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